Capturing the Moment | BMCA Collection 2013-2018
Publication based on selected works from the BMCA art collection, texts and documentsEditor: Xiaohui Guo
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Cheng Ran, Diary of a Madman: TrilogyBooklet essay, published by CCA, Tel Aviv
Essay: Xiaohui Guo
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Lian Zhou Foto Fest 2017 Festival Catalogue.

Introduction by Xiaohui Guo and curated part in 'Solo exhibition'
Lian Zhou, China
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TracesInternational video collection of Isabelle and Jean-Conrad Lemaritre

Assistant curator: Xiaohui Guo

Cheng Ran: In Course of the Miraculous Catalogue essay by Xiaohui Guo 
Presented by K11 Art Foundation, 2016  

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Memory goes as far as this morning Essay by Xiaohui Guo Download PDF (Chinese)
Artzip article Gideon Rubin: Memory goes as far as this morning

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