Beyond Boundaries
Interviews by Ocula 艺术之眼
Editors: Tendai John Mutambu and Qinxin Gao
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Capturing the Moment | BMCA Collection 2013-2018
Publication based on selected works from the BMCA art collection, texts and documents

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Beyond Boundaries | 来来来!这场艺术展值得一看
Video clip and interviews by Xinhua News

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Beyond Boundaries | Celebrating leading names in British and Chinese artVideo clip and interviews by London Live Watch online

Beyond Boundaries | News in pictures
Feature by The Times
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Cheng Ran | Artist and curator in conversation
Wechat press by videobureau

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Cheng Ran | Sensations of an elegant city Review 

Wechat press by ucanyoukan

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Review of Diary of a Madman at CCA
Art magazine of the Art Department, Bezalel Academy

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Cheng Ran's poem inspired by his residency in Jerusalem   Read online

Outset Press features Cheng Ran: Diary of a Madman

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Review of Cheng Ran: Diary of a Madman at CCA
Artzip, London

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Cheng Ran: Diary of a Madman - Trilogy
CCA, Tel Aviv, Israel
18th Jan  — 17th Mar 2018
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Solo presentation of Esther Teichmann at Lian Zhou Foto Fest, China Nov 2017
Esther Teichmann A Place and Time: Contemporary Photography from the UK LINK 
CAFA workshop and lecture series 2017 Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, ChinaInvited artists: Enrico David, Jonathan Miles, Eric Bainbridge
Memory goes as far as this morning Artzip
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Memory goes as far as this morning
Sichuan News
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Bei Dao’s poem and their paintings  
99 Artnet
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About portraiture, history and memory: Memory goes as far as this morning Artron Read online