Xiaohui Guo is an independent Chinese curator based in London. Over the past ten years, she has worked extensively in the arts, gaining invaluable knowledge and curatorial experience in museums, galleries, art publishing and educational institutions. In 2016, She founded XH Projects and had since curated numerous exhibitions in China, UK, Israel and Berlin. As an independent curator with interest in Art & Politics, Xiaohui’s primary focus is to produce innovative and meaningful exhibitions which bring together art from China & the West. In addition to curating, Xiaohui has also written for periodicals and museum catalogues, as well as organising artist workshops and residencies (‘places of conflicts’) across the globe.  

郭小晖是一位现居伦敦的独立策展人。郭小晖在艺术领域有十多年的工作经历,并从中获得丰富的知识和策展经验。她的工作包括为国际以及国内的美术馆以及画廊策划和组织展览,艺术评论撰写,以及艺术教育等。郭小晖于2016年在伦敦创建了她的策展项目XH Projects。自此之后,她在欧洲和亚洲成功的策划并组织了一系列展览。作为策展人,郭小晖关注艺术与政治的复杂关系,她致力于汇集来自中国和西方的优秀艺术,并以此为线索,策划具有创新意义的展览。除了策展,她还为美术馆和艺术机构的画册撰写文章,并在全球范围内组织出版编辑、艺术家工作坊和艺术家驻地等项目。

Born in Xinjiang province,China’s most northwestern region bordering Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and India, Xiaohui has had a unique upbringing immersed in a cultural crossroad where Han Chinese, Uyghur Muslims, Tungusic traditions, Russian influences and various Central Asian cultures exist at the same time. As a child, she witnessed the complex and often troubled political tensions in her hometown, while at the same time she was increasingly inspired by art & literature. This political situation in her hometown and an intense interest in the visual arts led to her chosen career path as a curator, and she has since produced residencies, exhibitions and text exploring expansive subjects with an acute ‘geo-socio-political’ awareness.  

郭小晖出生在中国的新疆,这是一个与俄罗斯,蒙古,哈萨克斯坦,吉尔吉斯斯坦,阿富汗和印度接壤的区域。在这样一个多文化交叉地,她成长的记忆伴随着各种文化族群留下的痕迹:汉族,维吾尔族,哈萨克族,蒙古族,锡伯族以及俄罗斯文化和各种中亚文化在这里交织。她亲眼目睹了家乡复杂的经济社会变迁和现实境况。郭小晖深受艺术和文学的启发,她结合她家乡的政治局势以及对视觉艺术的浓厚兴,最终选择了策展人的职业道路。从这以后,她意识到“地缘 - 社会 - 政治”主题的意义所在,并致力于研究、组织、策划一系列的艺术家驻地和展览,以敏锐独特的视角和方式来探索她最为关切的主题。

Work experience & education:

Xiaohui studied History (BA) at the Minzu University of China in Beijing. Soon after graduation, she became head of Communications at Chengdu’s Upriver Gallery, China’s first private contemporaryart museum (est. 1997). After this, she worked in advertising companies as project manager for national museums, during which she worked on the second Guangzhou Triennial (2005) alongside renowned curators Hou Hanru and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Xiaohui accepted a position at Beijing’s UCCA (Ullens Center for Contemporary Art) in 2007, a significant move that brought her to the centre of contemporary art in China’s fast-growing art world. During this period, she was involved in the curating of Qiu Zhijie, Breaking Through the Ice (2009); Breaking Forecast: 8 Key Figures of China's New Generation Artists (2009); Olafur Eliasson and Ma Yansong: Feelings Are Facts (2010) and Liu Xiaodong: Hometown Boy (2010), amongst others.

郭小晖曾就读于中央民族大学历史系。毕业后不久,她受聘于中国当时第一家私人现代美术馆“上河美术馆” (建馆于1997年),并负责传媒工作。在此之后,她在广告传媒行业从事有关为美术馆展览宣传的工作,在此期间她曾参与著名策展人侯瀚如和Hans-Ulrich Obrist策划的第二届广州三年展(2005年)的形象推广工作。2007年,郭小晖受聘于北京的UCCA(尤伦斯当代艺术中心),这一职位使她更深入的了解了中国快速发展的当代艺术。在此期间,她参与策划了多个大型展览,其中包括:邱志杰“破冰-南京长江大桥计划之三”(2009);中坚:新世纪中国艺术的八个关键形象(2009年); 奥拉维尔· 埃利亚松和马岩松:感觉即真实(2010),以及刘晓东:金城小子(2010)等等。

Between 2010 and 2014, Xiaohui studied at London’s Goldsmith College and completed two MAs: Art &Politics, and Cultural Studies. Since establishing her curatorial practice XH Projects in London, she initiated and directed successful exhibitions across Europe and Asia. Some of them include: Memory goes as far as this morning, Chengdu, China (2016); Code of Game, Berlin (2016); Lian Zhou Foto Fest – Young British section, LianZhou, China (2017) and Cheng Ran solo show, CCA, Israel (2018). For her on-going projects, Xiaohui will collaborate with celebrated art academies and other non-profit organisations to bring more thought-provoking and beautiful exhibitions across the UK and beyond.

2010年至2014年间,郭小晖在伦敦金匠学院学习并完成了两个硕士学位:艺术与政治、文化研究。自从在伦敦设立自己的策展项目XH Projects以来,她在欧洲和亚洲成功组织了多个展览。其中一些包括:记忆成为早晨,中国成都(2016年);游戏代码(2016年);连周摄影节的年轻的英国艺术家部分,连州,中国(2017)和程然个展,CCA,以色列特拉维夫(2018年)。对于她正在进行的项目,郭小晖将与知名的艺术院校和机构合作,为中国和欧洲带来更多精彩展览。

Cheng Ran solo show, CCA, Tel Aviv, 2018 

Silia Tung/Ma Li joint show, Mirgrant Birds, Berlin, 2016

Olafur Eliasson and Ma Yansong - feellings are facts, UCCA, Beijing, 2010