Liu Zhenchen
Steve Mcqueen
Aernout Mik
Enrique Ramirez
Yang Fudong 
Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla Christian Marclay
Hans op de Beeck
Nikhil Chopra
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
Yto Barrada 
Maider Fortune
Elisa Pone
Mika Rottenberg
Mark Wallinger
Joao Onofre
Koki Tanaka
Ryan Gander
Fabien Giraud
Takehito Koganezawa
International video collection of Isabelle and Jean-Conrad Lemaitre
Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, China
30th April  — 21st May 2016
Assistant curator: Xiaohui Guo

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Traces is a collection that consists mainly of recent videos and films made by young artists from more than 20 different countries that address the world we live in, humanity in transformation, the limits of our socio-political systems, and contemporary language imagery in relation to fictional cinema, documentary video and television.

Unlike museum collections with their historical, educational and multi-disciplinary foundations, unlike American private collections whose purchases are often tied to market considerations, and unlike other European collections based on common convictions, the Lemaître collection is based on the passionate study of emerging artists discovered at international exhibitions.

For these two collectors, the choice of video as a medium was a fusion of their passions: one for cinema, and the other for contemporary art. Each encounter with an artwork is also an encounter with an artist, an expression, a desire and a vision.

This exhibition also highlights the work of passionate collectors. How to put together a collection that has no obvious point of contact with the art market – particularly the Chinese market – will be the subject of conferences linked the exhibition.

“Video is a medium of our time and we want our collection to reflect our times. The medium also has great potential for exploration and development, and we want to be part of this adventure. Video art gives viewers access to the roles of readers, observers and interpreters, and we like to feel that as spectators we are mature viewers. Video art requires time, concentration and peace. It offers a healthy attitude to art for our “remote control” society where people no longer take the time to look.”

text by Jean-Conrad Lemaitre