The Triumph of Colour


From 9 April to 8 May 2022, Star Gallery presents Pan Lin’s solo exhibition: The Triumph of Colour. As the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, it focuses on Pan Lin’s art practice over the past years, presenting an overview of her painting styles and themes. Pan Lin’s painting features intense colours conveying a whole new sense of energy, and revealing her unique style and painterly language.

As the title of the exhibition indicates, colour is the basis of Pan Lin’s painting. It forms the structures of her works, marking the beginning and the ending of her painting. By playing with colour, Pan Lin achieves an interpretation of experiences from the inside out, maintaining the purity of her inner self along with her painting language. The contrasting hues endow each of her works with a new vibe and time clues, showing lightness, transparency, and an unusual texture.

Using the various images collected in daily life, Pan Lin re-layouts and expands them through collage. Through her research and experiments on colour, she breaks free from its original restrictions and constructs her spiritual world on canvas, summoning a passion for free will and authenticity. What Pan Lin enjoys most is the act of painting itself, which is freed from the inherent requirements and becomes her collage game, as well as a great adventure in which her reason is challenged by the vast and chaotic perceptual world. In the being-with of disassembling, dispersion and becoming, time stands still for an instant, with countless shining moments making up the numerous beauties.

About the curator

Xiaohui Guo is a Chinese curator based primarily in Beijing and London. In 2014, she gained two MAs from Goldsmiths College, University of London, majoring in Art & Politics and Cultural Studies.
Over the past ten years she has worked extensively in the arts, gaining invaluable knowledge and curatorial experience in museums, galleries, art publishing and educational institutions. As a curator with a strong interest in Art & Politics, Xiaohui’sprimary focus is to produce innovative and meaningful exhibitions bringing together art from China & the West. So far, She has curated numerous exhibitions in China, UK, Israel and Berlin.

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