Cheng Ran in Jerusalem

Gideon Rubin in Xinjiang, China

Places of Conflicts residency
Xinjiang, China & Jerusalem, Israel  

co-curator: Silia Ka Tung

Places of Conflicts is an art project that focuses on the subject of conflicts that have emerged and evolved during the course of history under varied geographicaland cultural circumstances. The first part of the project features two different art residencies for two artists, and the second phase will be an exhibition that showcases the works created and developed during the residencies.

The residencies took place in Jerusalem and Xinjiang, China: one being the historical cradle of the three monotheistic religions, by now notorious for the Arab-Israeli conflict, the other being the Chinese Muslim majority administrative regions with ongoing separatist activities.

The residency offered artists a unique opportunity to visit a conflicting zone, with the aim to better understand its history, witness current circumstances first hand, and to develop a more informed insight of the reality very different from their own.

The project attempts to raise questions such as:

•      Does art have a significant role to play at times of conflict, or at times of peace, regarding the distribution of power?  

•       What does the representation of violence and suffering tell us about violence and suffering?