Mother Economy, Maya Zack 

Moroccan Jewish Wedding, Tamir Zadok 

Evaders, Ori Gersht 

Confirmed artists:

Yael Bartana
Guy Ben-Ner
Ori Gersht
Sigalit Landau
Nira Pereg
Michal Rovner 
Maya Zack
Tamir Zadok
Yehudit Sasportas
Dani Gal
(Due to censors in China, this show has been cancelled. 此展因故取消。)

No Man's Land
- Group show of Israeli Video Artists
无人之地 - 以色列录像艺术群展

Times Museum, Guangzhou, China  

Curators 策展人:
Xiaohui Guo 郭小晖
Marie Shek

No Man’s Land was proposed to open in September 2018 at Time’s Museum in Guangzhou. The exhibition proposed to showcase works by renowned Israeli video artists whose practices are largely focused on the complex geo-political circumstances of their homeland, as well as its extended cultural and social phenomena.


In geo-military terms, No man’s land refers to the disputed area separating between two enemy countries during and after the war. The works in this show attempt to explore this dark and complex sense of reality that exists between spaces. In response to themes such as recklessness, abandonment or loss of control, the artists seek to reveal hidden depths of irresolvable and forbidden territories. By positioning themselves in this intermediate space,they examine the tension between the invisible and indistinct, the concealed and revealed, the internal and external, permission and prohibition. Thus we are confronting a borderline between art and reality, presented in a state of opposites: the collective historical memory and the personal memory.

The artists’ socio-political awareness resulted in their involvement, which may have led them to challenge the boundaries of their subjects while being exposed to some extreme danger. The themes presented intheir works are paradoxical situations which all lead to a third state - a vulnerable twilight zone; a cognitive state that begins with a dream or fantasy and ends with a profound self-criticism.