Exhibited works:

Solo presentation of Esther Teichmann at Lian Zhou Foto Fest
Nov 2017 

A Place and Time: Contemporary Photography from the UK
As one of Lian Zhou Foto Fest's guest curators, Xiaohui selected Esther Teichmann for a solo presentation at the festival.

LINK to Lian Zhou Foto Fest 2017 

About the works :

Esther Teichmann’s photographs, films and writings, picture mothers like caves, sisters like seashells, lovers like moons, tears like waterfalls. Entering the octopus darkness of Teichmann’s caverns we find ingestion and emission, mother and daughter, sister and sister, black and white, lover and lover, surrealism’s erotic jolt: the irritant that makes the pearl. Seashells with apertures like cameras. The womb as oceanic. Lovers as moons. Holding as withholding. Day as night. Narratives of loss and desire are entangled like the glistening tentacles wrapped around the artist’s body. Like the coral of the Red Sea said to be formed by Medusa’s blood spilled upon seaweed, Teichmann’s work transforms one thing into another.  (words by Esther Teichmann)