Exhibited works:

Solo presentation of Esther Teichmann at Lian Zhou Foto Fest
连州摄影节-年轻英国艺术家单元:Esther Teichmann个展

Nov 2017

Contemporary Photography from the UK  
As one of Lian Zhou Foto Fest's guest curators, Xiaohui selected Esther Teichmann for a solo presentation at the festival.
作为连州摄影节的做客策展人之一,郭小晖策划并组织了Esther Teichmann在摄影界期间的小型个展。

LINK to Lian Zhou Foto Fest 2017 

About the works 作品介绍 :

Esther Teichmann’s photographs, films and writings, picture mothers like caves, sisters like seashells, lovers like moons, tears like waterfalls. Entering the octopus darkness of Teichmann’s caverns we find ingestion and emission, mother and daughter, sister and sister, black and white, lover and lover, surrealism’s erotic jolt: the irritant that makes the pearl. Narratives of loss and desire are entangled like the glistening tentacles wrapped around the artist’s body. Like the coral of the Red Sea said to be formed by Medusa’s blood spilled upon seaweed, Teichmann’s work transforms one thing into another.  (words by Esther Teichmann)
在Esther Teichmann的摄影,录像艺术和写作中,母亲变成了洞穴的形象,姐妹化作贝壳形状,恋人变成了星际,而眼泪成了瀑布。当走进艺术家有如章鱼似的视觉世界,我们发现关于摄取和排放的哲学,母亲和女儿的思愁,姐妹之间、黑与白之间,情人和恋人之间超现实般的感性震撼:这就好像是制造珍珠的刺激元素。艺术家把失落和欲望的叙事缠绕在一起,仿佛身体周围的闪闪发光的无形手臂。就像传说中女神Medusa的血液变成了红海珊瑚,Teichmann的作品魔法般的将一个事物化成新空间。(摘自Esther Teichmann网站)