Constellation iArt Youth Project

iArt Youth Project is a brand project of Yuan Art Museum, it launched in September, 2018. The project will be held once a year, with professionals be the curators and judges, they select outstanding artists and art works around the world to join the exhibition.

This exhibition continues the theme and direction that Yuan Art Museum has always been concerning — young artists and their interdisciplinary practice, and intends to discuss and respond to the issues caused by the theme and exhibits. Part of artists are from the previous "iArt Youth Project"1 of the museum, others are active artists both from China and Europe, this exhibition includes nearly 60 pieces of works with multiple forms such as painting, photography, video, sculpture, installation and new media, focusing on the very innovative artistic expression and exploration.

The exhibition theme "Constellation" is a key concept of Walter Benjamin's historical philosophy. He first proposed "Constellation" was in "The Origin of German Tragic Drama", creatively used it to describe the special structure of "idee", a collection of various elements, each of which is independent from others, together they present the non-stable state of the collection in a free combination, constituting a co-existence which full of heterogeneous tension.

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