Silia Ka Tung 

Game of Codes
Migrant Bird Space, Berlin, Germany
9th Sept  — 21st Oct 2016

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Migrant Birds Space Berlin is pleased to present a two-person show Game of Codes, featuring Hong Kong artist Silia Ka TUNG, who is based in London, and Chinese artist Li MA, who is based in Berlin and San Francisco. This exhibition will present their latest works.

Game of Codes refers to the source code of game programs, which is the basic command in game development. Here the “game” concept is employed to refer to the two artists’ art practice as an endless language game while the code, as a metaphor, sees the work of the two artists as the process of writing code. Therefore, their unique artistic journey is formed via continuous “programming”.

The works of this exhibition include Tung’s soft sculptures, installations and paintings, and Li MA’s sculptures of material collage, video installation and live performance. The exhibition aims to form an insightful dialogue between the world of magic, the surreal, and the mundane daily reality. Both artists devote their artistic practice to explore the playful combination of materials and objects.