CAFA (left) and Slade (right) 

CAFA Art Museum 
CAFA + Slade joint exhibition: Artists as Educators
Somerset House, London, UK
(upcoming: March 2019)


Joint faculty exhibition | March 2019

2018 is a special year for China’s most influential art academy CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing), it marks the institution’s centenary anniversary and her momentous contribution to Art & Culture in China and beyond. In addition to all the centenary exhibitions scheduled at CAFA Museum (Beijing) this year, the academy is also working with Slade School of Fine Art for a large joint faculty show at the Somerset House in 2019.

The exhibition will take place in March 2019, in the west wing of Somerset House in London. It will showcase current and previous faculty members or influential artists closely related to the institutions. Both CAFA and Slade have played (and are continuing to play) an excellent role in nurturing generations of artists and art educators, who then became the vital artistic soul of their own country. The joint exhibition will highlight this aspect in presenting works by reputable teaching members of the academies.

The CAFA + Slade collaboration will not only bring artworks and academic staff together, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to exchange, interact and understand each other’s practices.

Introduction of CAFA:

CAFA, The Central Academy of Fine Arts, was founded in 1918 as part of the Peking National Art Institution during the era of the Republic of China (1912-49). In 1950 it merged with China Northern Academy’s art departments. It is now considered as one of China’s most prestigious art institutions. CAFA continues to contribute and to influence Chinese art education and, more recently, a broader international art community.