3rd China Xinjiang International Art Biennale: Harmonious Symbiosis

The 3rd China Xinjiang International Art Biennale kicks off on Tuesday, and this year's exhibition theme is "Harmonious Symbiosis."

The exhibition is divided into the main exhibition area and a special exhibition section. The main exhibition area has three sections, titled "Civilization and Integration," "Symbiosis and Dialogue," and "Homeland Narrative and Ecological Wisdom," involving 116 works by 77 artists from 12 countries, including China, Argentina, Italy, Belgium and Germany.

The special exhibitions are "Sketched Xinjiang," a study of Xinjiang-themed works since the 20th century, and "Between Heaven and Earth," the tradition and representation of contemporary Chinese ink painting. There are 143 artists from 11 countries, including China, and 260 works in the special exhibition.

The "Civilization and Integration" section of the main exhibition involves both natural and urban environments, as well as the human spirit, the expression of collective human memory, emotion and desire. The "Symbiosis and Dialogue" segment presents the reflection and expression of cultural, human and spiritual characteristics. Meanwhile, the ecology and homeland section focuses on the relationship between humans and nature.

This Biennale is hosted by China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It has become an important platform for cultural exchange on the ancient Silk Road.

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